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Published: 1597

Author: Brian Vickers

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Size: 844 pages

ISBN: 0199540799

Francis Bacon

Everything is better with Bacon! Francis provided order to a country, a process, and even a system of law. Read his original works to get a better sense of this amazing thinker. A man who connects most of modern science in his very own version of 7 Degrees!

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The First Scientist: A Life of Roger Bacon

Fryer Bacon. Doctor Mirabilis. Roger Bacon often falls in the shadow of his rother Francis. They were not actually related but each man contributed greatly to the realm of science. Read this book to get a better sense of one of history's first true scientists.

Commercial and Political Atlas and Statistical Breviary

William Playfair was the Grand Daddy of Data Visualization. Read this book to be inspired by his original works. Nearly two and half centuries later, they are still impressive, informative, and inspiring. A great addition to your library!

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