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Published: 2006

Author: C. V. Vishveshwara

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Size: 360 pages

ISBN: 3540331999

Einstein's Enigma or Black Holes in My Bubble Bath

Einstein was the master of analogy. This well acclaimed book utilizes its own analogies to connect the reader with Einstein and his ingenious mind. Read it to get an insightful, simplistic, and imaginative take on the theory of relativity, black holes, and more of Einstein's insights.

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Douglass Autobiographies

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Otl Aicher

Otto 'Ottl' Aicher changed the world with his design. A gifted artist of post war Germany, his art would inspire; but his design would motivate... Publications by Aichers, like his 1991 book The World As Design, are difficult to come by. Most are out of print or collectors items. This volume offers an opportunity to view his body of work in one convenient volume.

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