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Published: 1712

Author: Woodes Rogers

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Size: 256 pages

ISBN: 158976238X

A Cruising Voyage Around The World: The Adventures of an English Privateer

This is the book that propelled Captain Woodes Rogers to fame. It is his account of his circum-navigation of the globe. An epic voyage aboard the Duke and the Dutchess to capture the Spanish Treasure fleet. It is a first hand account of one of history's most amazing voyages and a look into the mind of one of its most amazing Captains.

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Peter Pan

The original novelization of J.M. Barrie's classic tale. The original story was actually a stage production, the book came after the success of that play. It is a story of Lost Boys and Pirates, Indian Princesses and Faeries. It is a tale of adventure that has survived a century societal evolution and technological change - timeless! Never grow up.

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