Key Stats

Published: 1963

Author: Milton Friedman

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Size: 888 pages

ISBN: 0691003548

A Monetary History of the United States

This book won Friedman the Nobel Prize.

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The Road To Serfdom

Written in the years before the US entry into World War II, Hayek examines the intersection of fascism and economics. His perspective on economic and political freedom lies at the heart of the Austrian School of economics. Read this book to understand the perspectives of this Nobel Prize winning economist.

The Law

The Law is Bastiat's most famous work with the possible exception of The Parable of The Broken Window. It is an examination of statist economic policies in the years following Napoleon and the French Revolution. Bastiat's work drew heavily from predecessors like Adam Smith and is considered Classic Liberalism. His writings have had heavy influence on modern economists in both the Austrian and Chicago Schools.

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