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Published: 1962

Author: Milton Friedman

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Size: 230 pages

ISBN: 0226264211

Capitalism and Freedom

A later work would secure Friedman the Nobel Prize, but Capitalism and Freedom was the book that announced his arrival. Milton is one of the true master of economics. Better still, he is a talented communicator. He presents key principles in easy to understand ways. Read this book, but also enjoy his many lectures and appearances available through YouTube.

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The History of Piracy

Why would a site dedicated to analytics and professional development recommend books on piracy? History is a great teacher. Pirates were some of the earliest and most well documented entrepreneurs. The history of piracy is a case study. Read it to be inspired by those early leaders and risk takers. Their lessons still apply today.

The Road To Serfdom

Written in the years before the US entry into World War II, Hayek examines the intersection of fascism and economics. His perspective on economic and political freedom lies at the heart of the Austrian School of economics. Read this book to understand the perspectives of this Nobel Prize winning economist.

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