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Published: 2001

Author: Paul Cobley, Litza Jansz

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Size: 176 pages

ISBN: 1874166552

Introducing Semiotics

This book is the original collaboration by Paul and Litza. It is a solid introduction to this critical area of communication theory. Semiotics is more significant today than ever before and this book is a solid first step in your education.

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Introducing Semiotics - A Graphic Guide

Semiotic is the study of how people interpret and understanding the things they see. What better format for the study of visual learning than a graphic guide. Paul Cobley is one of the top educators in this field and his writing is both enlightening and approachable.

Seven Military Classics

The Seven Military Classics are important military texts of ancient China. The texts were canonized under this name during the 11th century AD, and from the time of the Song Dynasty, were included in most military encyclopedias. They were required reading for military officers in China through recent times. The collection includes: *Jiang Ziya (Taigong)'s Six Secret Teachings *The Methods of the Sima (aka Sima Rangju Art of War) *Sun Tzu's The Art of War *Wu Qi's Wuzi *Wei Liaozi *Three Strategies of Huang Shigong *Questions and Replies between Tang Taizong and Li Weigong

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