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Published: 2006

Author: Kenneth L. Fisher, Jennifer Chou

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Size: 480 Pages

ISBN: 047007499X

The Only Three Questions That Count : Investing by Knowing What Others Don't

Ken Fisher is a widely acclaimed and successful investor. His book is probably worthy of even higher praise. While you may want to read it for his investment advice, also read it to learn about benchmarks, inefficiency, and hypothesis testing. It is a great read for eager analysts.

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The Only Three Questions That Still Count : Investing by Knowing What Others Don't

Ken's book - The Only Three Questions That Count - is masterful. This refresh is equally good and refreshed for the ever changing financial world. While you may not be inclined to read both, you should definitely read one!

Quadrivium : The Four Classical Liberal Arts of Number, Geometry, Music, and Cosmology

Academics today is often heavy focused, dedicated, and specialized. In this book, the authors go to great length to connect four classic disciplines. Math, geometry, music, and cosmology are connected to illustrate their common history and common base in classic knowledge. A fascinating and enlightening read - enjoy!

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