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Published: 2007

Author: Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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Size: 480 Pages

ISBN: 1400063515

The Black Swan : The Impact of the Highly Improbable

Nassem Taleb's book became an instant classic after the 2008 financial collapse. The book outlines the tendency of people, layman and statistician alike, to underestimate the probability of unlikely events. His book examines common bias and the influence of group think and modern media as well. It is an excellent read for most analysts.

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Also highly recommended by Corsair's:

Taming the Infinite : The Story of Mathematics

The history of mathematics is probably more likely to bore than entertain non-math majors. This book has managed to create an educational and enjoyable account of the development, history, and interconnection of mathematics. It is certainly worth the read and will quite likely help those non-math majors connect more dots on math theory.

The Game of Work : How to Enjoy Work As Much As Play

If you are interested in gamefication and specifically its origins and history, then this is book you should read. Coonradt is widely considered one of the founders of the gamefication concept. You will find his 'original' take to be a bit different than today's modern adaptation.

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