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Published: 1988

Author: Henry Hazlitt

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Size: 218 Pages

ISBN: 0517548232

Economics in One Lesson : The Shortest and Surest Way to Understand Basic Economics

This is Henry Hazlitt's most classic work. It succinctly summarizes and teaches the views of the Austrian School of economics. Economics is a highly segmented discipline. It is crucial to develop an understanding of each. For Austrian Economics, there is no better manual. Check it out.

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The Rational Optimist : How Prosperity Evolves

Whether you agree with Matt Ridley's views of society, his marriage of the forces of market systems, technology, and evolution are compelling and thought-provoking. Matt provides numerous examples in this book on economic development. It is a strong synthesis of history and the future. It is definitely worth the read.

The Fifth Discipline : The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization

There aren't yet many books on the learning organization, but perhaps there don't need to be. The Fifth Discipline is an excellent read that examines the needs of organizations in our modern age of instant feedback and information. The author develops numerous theories around what it takes to create an organization capable of true learning and adaptation.

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