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Published: 2011

Author: Lee Smith, Leonard Wolfe

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Size: 252 Pages

ISBN: 1118118065

Easy Economics : A Visual Guide to What You Need to Know

Easy Economics is easy and visual. It is a great primer read for those trying to get started understanding the often confusing landscape of economics, a field that can often be confusing and daunting for those without a strong understanding of its many facets. This book is the place to begin.

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Also highly recommended by Corsair's:

Economix : How Our Economy Works (And Doesn't Work) in Words and Pictures

Economics in comic book format, this book is a great introductory primer for most any age. Don't judge this book by its cover, well at least not the depth of insight. It is and easy, fun, and informative read, guaranteed to teach something to readers of any level.

How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes

This is one you can read with the kids. Peter Schiff gives us one of the most easy to understand and complete explanations of our economy ever written. His island and fish analogy may be a bit unconventional but it makes a great economics primer.

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