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Published: 2012

Author: Joel Bakan, Michael Goodwin, David Bach

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Size: 304 Pages

ISBN: 0810988399

Economix : How Our Economy Works (And Doesn't Work) in Words and Pictures

Economics in comic book format, this book is a great introductory primer for most any age. Don't judge this book by its cover, well at least not the depth of insight. It is and easy, fun, and informative read, guaranteed to teach something to readers of any level.

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Don't Make Me Think : A Common Sense Approach to Web and Mobile Usability

While this book purports to be about web design an usability, in this age of mobile devices, data visualization, and information overload - this book is a must read. Krug's skillful and witty appraisal of best practice and user needs is excellent. The book is a fast read and will quickly advance your presentation skills.

Easy Economics : A Visual Guide to What You Need to Know

Easy Economics is easy and visual. It is a great primer read for those trying to get started understanding the often confusing landscape of economics, a field that can often be confusing and daunting for those without a strong understanding of its many facets. This book is the place to begin.

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