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Published: 2015

Author: Donald Trump

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Size: 384 Pages

ISBN: 0399594493

Trump: the Art of the Deal

Trump is a master of hype and self-promotion, but this book actually meets the praise. It is an easy read that provides valuable and insightful perspective on negotiation. The book was HUGE for a reason. Read it for yourself.

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Unlimited Power : The New Science of Personal Achievement

Tim Robbins is a master of self-help and positive behavioral change. His book is also a manifesto on negotiation and cognitive bias. Read this book to understand the impact of the human psyche on behavior, negotiation, and expectation. If it also aids you in personal development, all the better.

Helping Students Take Control of Everyday Executive Functions : The Attention Fix

Written with ADHD as its focus, Paula's book does a great job of providing clear and succinct guidance on executive function. While this may be a challenge for many students, it is equally so for many executives and by association their decision support professionals. It is a quick read that will provide you a solid base for further exploration.

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