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Published: 1992

Author: Niccolo Machiavelli

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Size: 80 Pages

ISBN: 0486272745

The Prince

Machiavelli is a man who needs little introduction. The Prince was his most famous writing. Many fail to realize the nature of The Prince and its advice. Be sure to read other offerings by Machiavelli, like the Discourses, to understand the true nature of this tongue in cheek offering.

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The Book of Five Rings

Miyamato Musashi is the stuff of legend. He is what anime cartoons wish they could be. More amazingly, he is a very real and well documented historical figure. After spending a lifetime as a warrior and THE most accomplished swordsman in history, he retired to a cave to write his philosophy. The Book of Five Rings is his book. Read it for perspective. Read it to understand the mindset, at least in retrospect, of the greatest recorded fighter in history.

On the Art of War

The Art of War was not limited to Sun Tzu. This take is, of course, a little more Machiavellian. Read it to get a Niccolo's stylistic take on the enterprise of warfare during the Renaissance Era. Unlike modern authors like Keegan, Niccolo's take is very political, practical, and emphasizes the nature of warfare in a period before modern horrors.

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