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Published: 2007

Author: Aristotle

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Size: 368 Pages

ISBN: 1430460539

The Organon or Logical Treatises of Aristotle

Aristotle created the field of analytics when he wrote the Organon. It is the first book on the subject and a master work. ALL analysts should read this original. Read to understand the history of one our most ancient disciplines. Read it to gain perspective on the evolution of this science over time. Read it to gain insight into the mind of one of history's greatest minds!

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The Book of Ninja : The Bansenshukai - Japan's Premier Ninja Manual

The Bansenshukai was written in the late 1600ís and is one of few major writings on the ways and practices of the Ninja or Shinobi. It details much of the wisdom and knowledge of this ancient sect. The Book of Ninja features a Q&A, guides on equipment, strategy, philosophy, and stories that predate every major bit of Hollywood intrigue and plot twist ever created. It also has more than its share of disappointing disclaimers, where the reader is told to refer to their local Ninja master for certain training. It is also filled with techniques for intelligence gathering, including infiltration and disguise. It provides guidance on meteorology and forecasting. It teaches communication and behavioral science. It includes geology, geography, and architectural assessment. It is a textbook for observation, engineering, philosophy, and much more.

The Book of Five Rings

Miyamato Musashi is the stuff of legend. He is what anime cartoons wish they could be. More amazingly, he is a very real and well documented historical figure. After spending a lifetime as a warrior and THE most accomplished swordsman in history, he retired to a cave to write his philosophy. The Book of Five Rings is his book. Read it for perspective. Read it to understand the mindset, at least in retrospect, of the greatest recorded fighter in history.

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