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Cognitive Science

Below are the books we recommend on this topic. They are a strong addition to any analyst reading list.

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Moonwalking with Einstein : The Art and Science of Remembering Everything

By: Joshua Foer

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You Can Have an Amazing Memory : Learn Life-Changing Techniques and Tips from the Memory Maestro

By: Dominic O'Brien

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The Face of Battle : A Study of Agincourt, Waterloo and the Somme

By: John Keegan

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Unlimited Power : The New Science of Personal Achievement

By: Tony Robbins

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Trump: the Art of the Deal

By: Donald Trump

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Helping Students Take Control of Everyday Executive Functions : The Attention Fix

By: Paula Moraine

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The Tipping Point

By: Malcolm Gladwell

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How To Win Friends And Influence People

By: Dale Carnegie

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