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The Only Three Questions That Count : Investing by Knowing What Others Don't

Ken Fisher is a widely acclaimed and successful investor. His book is probably worthy of even higher praise. While you may want to read it for his investment advice, also read it to learn about benchmarks, inefficiency, and hypothesis testing. It is a great read for eager analysts.

Key Stats
Published: 2006
Author: Kenneth L. Fisher, Jennifer Chou
Size: 480 Pages
ISBN: 047007499X
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Why do tennis players, doctors, and band members make better business predictions?

Every day business men and women the world over making a staggering number of business predictions. Sadly, most are horribly wrong. Truly, humans are really bad at making predictions! We arenít very good at applying general statistics and we give more power to our inside view of things than the more statistically sound outside view that is supported by better data and objectivity.